Film Making

Given the technology available to use today anybody can get into film making - whether they are simply aiming to have some fun or to try and make a career. Nowadays you can make short films on digital video cameras and you can even use your computer to edit films with the right software in place.

If you are thinking about making a film then you may find it easiest to firstly think about what you are going to film. This will usually involve writing a script or at the very least mapping out what will happen in the film and how and when you will film it and in what order. If you are making your own short film for fun you may then simply recruit friends and family to perform the script and you're ready to go.

If you are keen to make a professional film then you will need a budget. Some people will raise money here from friends and family or their own savings whilst others will approach industry professionals in the hope of raising finance. If you are lucky enough to get some form of backing for your film then make sure to work out your budget carefully. You may, for example, need to pay a cast and crew for their work and to feed them and transport them around and you will need all the right equipment and insurance. Once the film is made and edited then you will also need to consider marketing costs.

Many people looking to break into the industry will submit their films to competitions or independent festivals and showcases and this can be a good way of getting recognition in this field.